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We offer free junk car removal to all our Shawnee customers so you don’t have to worry about getting your car to us if it is running or not. We will always quote the best price we can pay for your junk car so you can walk away satisfied.  

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  • We guarantee the price we give you over the phone
  • We’ll take all types of cars in Shawnee, from junked to slightly used
  • We pay top-dollar for all vehicles in Shawnee, regardless of condition

We Junk Any Car or Truck for Cash in Shawnee

  • Acura
  • BMW
  • Kia
  • Mazda
  • Subaru
  • Volvo

We Buy All Types of Cars in Shawnee

We don’t only buy junk cars. We make cash offers on cars in all conditions:

Clunkers in Shawnee

Crashed cars in Shawnee

Wrecked cars in Shawnee

Old cars in Shawnee

Used cars in Shawnee

Trucks in Shawnee

We pick up cars anywhere in the Shawnee area. If you call us, you’ll receive a guaranteed cash offer before the call is over. Wichita Junk My Car is the best cash service for trading in junk cars in the area. Not only do we pay the highest rates, but our car buyers and appraisers have the knowledge and experience to get you the best offer for your junk car. You’re eligible for cash no matter the condition of your car.

Free Towing Services

If you are looking to sell your car in a simple and fast manner, then look no further! Here at Wichita Junk My Car we buy your car no matter its conditions. Our team of trained professionals in Shawnee are here to help you, making the process of selling your car fast and easy. No matter where in Shawnee you reside, we will get to you and help you put money into your pockets Just call us from anywhere in the Shawnee, Kansas and we will help you set up an appointment to get rid of your car, and provide you with our tow truck services, with no fees or any additional cost to you.

Get an Instant Offer

We’ll pick up any car in the Shawnee area, no matter the condition, and with little effort on your part. Call us today and we’ll make you a cash offer before you get off the phone. If you accept our offer, one of our professional team members can come over to your place whenever you’re ready to have your car taken away—even if it’s within a day! Removal services are done at no cost to you. You won’t need to worry about finding a junk yard or a towing service to get rid of your car. Best of all, you won’t need to worry about the cost of paying either service.

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Sell Your Car in Shawnee For Cash

We are very flexible and work with your needs so that you don’t have to put up with the car on your property any longer than necessary. This is why we offer same day pick up service such that if you put a call through to us and desire to get your car off your garage that same day, consider it done. We offer reliable services with tons of friendly workers who are easy to communicate with and more than willing to offer you the help you need all through the selling process anywhere in Kansas . Partner with us as we make your overall car selling process in Shawnee a beautiful and stress-free one.